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господи, какой он прекрасный.

06.05.2016 в 02:43
Пишет Миссис Малфой:

Фото о котором братья Руссо говорили - что у Себастьяна есть фото со съемок ЗС, которое при этом спойлерит Гражданку.

Господи какое оно крутое не только смыслом, но и само по себе. Очень красивое.

Well here's a goddamn #tbt So...back in the #wintersoldier film 2013, one day on set, as I was changing, I found that helmet in a bag. And it stared at me. I grabbed it and immediately after I took this picture, I sent it to Kevin Feige. Little did I know, that a few years later I would face the man. Let's go. #civilwar this weekend. See what this picture became. P.s. This is what the Russos referred to back in the collider interview. #wintersoldier
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